Adjusting for the bottleneck

My blogging workflow always seems to have a bottleneck. The process goes something like this:

* Idea
* Outline - Thesis - Bulletpoints
* Write article
* Photo(s) - does the article need photos? If so, find image(s), edit, upload, insert, caption, format
* Format Post / review formatting
* Links - find, add, and test any hyperlinks as necessary.
* Add labels
* Publish
* Link out via social media (G+, FB)
* Save copy of post locally (in case google accidentally kills off my blog one day.)

I have more ideas than I have time to write. I can turn most of an idea into a post pretty quickly, and from pretty much anywhere (using a bluetooth keyboard and my phone).

Images, however, are a HUGE  bottleneck.  This is because I can only do them from a desktop computer, and I rarely have free time for that - when I'm at my desktop I'm either working (at the office) or helping a family member (at home.)

(Formatting and activating links would be the next bottlenecks, but they're smaller hiccups and an easier fix..)

So, all of that to say this:

What if I try more text-based posts?

What if I try to write shorter posts, and they're shorter because I have less fluff and I get right to the meat?

What if this allows me to post more frequently?

That's the big idea for 2016. In fact, this is just a test post to see what the formatting looks like when I publish from the Blogger app on my phone.

Fingers crossed.

- Chris Butterworth



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